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        Metal Manufacturer Enjoys Consistent, Reliable Guidance for Centralized Energy Program

        A global metal manufacturer wanted to centralize its energy management program in the United States while still maintaining its competitive advantage in the marketplace. Schneider Electric counseled its client on several sophisticated energy approaches to uncover potential cost savings opportunities for the client such as reverse factoring and supply-chain finance. These opportunities resulted in a savings of $2 Million during the first year of the partnership. Read More
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        Schneider Electric’s Strategic Negotiations Help Paper Manufacturer Weather Tough Credit Times

        A national paper manufacturer, hit hard by lagging newspaper, magazine and catalog sales, was struggling to keep four of its large paper mills running. The company’s energy suppliers were restricting credit and demanding payment terms that the manufacturer was not able to accommodate. Schneider Electric worked diligently with the energy supplier for each of the four sites to negotiate acceptable payment terms, balancing the unique requirements of each facility with the needs of the client and its different suppliers. Read More
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        Insurance Provider Reaches Healthy Goals with Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Strategies

        A global leader in the health insurance sector wanted to implement a corporate-wide strategy to “Go Green,” but the sheer number of its sites posed a challenge. The company did not have a clear picture of its overall energy usage; it lacked visibility into each site’s data and was unclear as to what it was spending on energy. Schneider Electric launched a thorough and systematic process to set the company on the right path to achieve its objectives and enabled the company to successfully promote and maintain the sustainability program. Read More
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        Sustainability Mythbusters

        In this special publication, the Schneider Electric sustainability team explores common misconceptions related to the topic of sustainability and presents a business case to “bust” each myth. Myths discussed include sustainability is too expensive, it’s just a fad or there is no consumer demand for it. Read More
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        Learn More about Our Sustainability Services

        Sustainability strategies are not only good for the environment. They are good for your business, too. With best-in-class software, hardware, solutions, and services, Schneider Electric can help your company develop a sustainability strategy that drives economic and social value. Read More