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Canalis KDP

Flexible busbar trunking for lighting distribution

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Flexible busbar trunking for lighting distribution

Canalis KDP
  • Merkmale

    • Due to its flexible design, Canalis KDP busbar trunking simplifies routing, thus reducing design and installation times. It is the optimum solution for installations with false ceilings or floors

    Technical characteristics:

    • Length of busbar trunking components: 24m roll or 192m winder
    • Rated service current: 20A
    • Permissible rated peak current: 3.6kA
    • Rated tap-off units current: 10 and 16A
    • Rated insulating voltage: 690V
    • Number of conductors: 2 or 4 + PE
    • Centre to centre distance between tap-off units: 1.2m to 3m
    • Centre to centre distance between tap-off units: 1.2m to 3m
    • Protection index: IP55
    • Regulations: compliant with IEC 60439-2

    Ihre Vorteile

    • Modular, economic and upgradeable system
    • Quick and easy assembly
    • Flexible: access points available wherever they are required
    • Compact: easy to fit in a hanging ceiling or raised floor
    • Halogen free: Canalis does not emit any fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire
    • High protection index IP 55 for all types of buildings
    • Dismantled, re-used and entirely recyclable



    • Industrial buildings: small industrial site, local small contractor, warehouse
    • Commercial centres: boutique, cafe restaurant, hotel
    • Tertiary buildings: offices for industrial or commercial surface, professionals’ cabinets, schools, elderly people's homes